Devo and a McDonald’s Happy Meal?


That’s right spuds and mutants everywhere. A Devo-like toy is just one of the American Idol-inspired toys included in a McDonald’s Happy Meal as part of an American Idol promotion campaign until next month.


There’s no mistaking this mini version of Devo’s “Energy Dome” perched on the tiny head of “New Wave Nigel” the toy’s name. I wonder how the boys from Akron are feeling about this form of flattery to have one of their most famous and recognizable symbols and images—the Devo Energy Dome—featured prominently on this Happy Meal toy?


Well, according to Devo’s official website Club Devo the band was not consulted so maybe they are not too “happy” about this.


I hope the Spuds from Akron will get some “satisfaction” and be able to cash in on this marketing campaign of McDonald’s. On the other hand, if Mickey D’s does not pay up, it appears that these pioneers—like the title of their 2004 anthology—have been scalped again.