Redeployment of Tactical Nukes on the Korean Peninsula?

This is the kind of news that’s going to raise some eyebrows. A lot of eyebrows.

If folks in Korea were concerned about Mad Cow disease earlier this month when they took to the streets, I wonder how people are going to react to this news.

Seoul officials and experts cautioned against the redeployment of tactical nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula proposed by some in the United States, which they fear could refuel an atomic arms race in Northeast Asia.

The US House Armed Services Committee on Thursday approved an amendment to the fiscal 2013 national defense authorization bill that calls for the re-introduction of the sensitive weapons to South Korea, according to the diplomacy publication Foreign Policy.

While the South Korean government is not openly criticizing the idea, concerned ministries say that Seoul remains fundamentally in favor of denuclearization of the peninsula and that such developments will bring little security benefits for Seoul.

Read the rest of the article here.

In the East Asian Politics class I am co-teaching this semester, the authors of our textbook talk about the notion of a critical juncture. I’m not really sure if this qualifies as a critical juncture, but it definitely is going to get people talking about it. And how is Pyongyang going to respond to this?

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