My Life as an Expat Day 4

Looking out my 12th floor apartment in Daejeon. Of all the places and apartments I have lived in the 24 plus years I’ve worked and lived in Korea, I’ve finally moved up to a room with a view.

The building in the middle is the KORAIL (Korean Railroad) headquarters. Daejeon station is to the right. I’m pretty lucky where I live. In fact, I have always lived close to where I have worked in Korea and as well as close to public transportation. I live only ten minutes (on foot) away from SolBridge and the train station; about fifteen minutes (on foot) away from the bus terminal and two hyper markets

In the distance is Bomun Mountain. On the mountain is a monument dedicated to the 25th Infantry Division which fought here during the Korean War (Daejeon, then Taejon, fell on July 28, 1950). There is also a statue of General William Dean, the top military commander in Korea at the outbreak of the Korean War. His driver took a wrong turn as they fled the city with North Korean forces advancing. Dean was captured and spent the rest of the war in a POW camp.

I love these kinds of days in Korea: cool, gray, and rainy. I wish I could bottle up these days and open that bottle whenever I wanted.