not rock and roll this time, but sex parties arranged on the Internet.

“In October last year, a 38-year-old office worker identified as Kim posted a message on a website looking for a one-night stand for W1 million won (US$1=W910).

A 24-year-old nurse named Kim and a 22-year-old aspiring writer named Jang answered Kim’s message. The women took amphetamines and had sex with Kim at a motel in Seoul and were paid W1 million each.

On Sunday, the Seoul Prosecutors’ Office said it arrested the office worker and 41 women who joined him in drug-fueled sex parties that he arranged on the Internet.

Among the arrested were women who took part in “swapping” sessions, in which they and their boyfriends and lovers had sex with other partners, prosecutors allege.

Kim’s sexual partners also included two college-age siblings, prosecutors said. Most of the partners were women in their 20s and included college students, office workers, private English teachers, nurses and dancers.”

Hmm…the office worker must have been doing okay financially to enjoy that kind of action.

(Quoted text borrowed from the Digital Chosun Ilbo)