That pretty much sums up the two-week teacher’s training course I had to teach the past two weeks, which ended today.

Unlike the four-week teacher’s training course I taught at Yonsei, the one here at Woosong University was not as intense and a lot more fun to teach. The course, which is sponsored by the government, is a really good idea to help teacher’s upgrade their language skills and help them with teaching English to their students. It’s the kind of program which ultimately benefits young Korean school children learning English and for someone who has been involved with this program for the past couple of years, it’s nice knowing what you do is going to be used to help other students.

Some of the teachers in the course were really sad when it was over today. It is also a big thing for them, not only for what they learn and will be able to use in their classrooms, but also a chance to spend time with colleagues from other schools.

It’s definitely a win-win situation across the board.