Six-String“In this alternate universe, in 1957 the Russians took the United States by nuclear force. Only one piece of the American frontier remained free, a patch of land known as Lost Vegas. Through this desert wasteland wanders the “six string samurai,” a latter-day Buddy Holly who handles a guitar or a sword with equal skill. He’s a man on a collision course with destiny: It seems that King Elvis, who ruled over the land of Vegas for forty years, has finally taken his last curtain call and the throne now stands empty. But it’s a rough road to the big city and the body count is likely to be high, as demonstrated in this post-apocalyptic future with a beat we can dance to.”

I love these kinds of movies, like A Boy and His Dog, Mad Max, and Road Warrior, but this movie rocked. I’m surprised this movie hasn’t caught on as much as it should have.