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Snowy Day in Daejeon

Woke up this morning to a late winter storm that dumped a couple inches of snow on Daejeon over night.

A real winter wonderland in Daejeon today even though old man winter has just about lost his wintry grip.

This is what one would call “ggott sem chui” in Korean, or “winter jealousy.”

I missed most of the big snow in Daejeon back in December and January. Nice to see a little of it this morning.


  1. Jeffrey – Wow!!! It is still snowing and almost middle of March. It is weird to see some of Asian countries with heavy snow. I’m not much of a winter person at all. I’ll take the heat over the cold any day.

    • For as long as I have been in Korea, this is the latest it has snowed. The last time it snowed this much in March was back in 2004. I love winter a lot–coming from Illinois and I love when it snows like this.

  2. I won’t leave a praise here. I’m sure others have done it thousands of times in your blog entries. I just want to say thank you for being who you are. You are so energetic and everyone can see how abundantly you love this life and your work. Do not need to leave a comment here to say thank you or smt like that, which u do repeatedly to others. You are busy already.

  3. I like the second image of the clothes hangers, you only see that in Asia. 🙂

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