Snowy day in Daejeon

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. 

Those snow flurries we had here yesterday actually amounted to something this morning. 

Well, not exactly a winter wonderland here in Daejeon but it snowed enough over night to sufficiently blanket the city and still remain by midday.  

And for a few hours this morning it really looked pretty outside with all the snow that had fallen over night. It’s too bad that it didn’t snow more and too bad that it wasn’t a little colder this morning for the snow to stay a little longer.

Snowy day in Daejeon

Well, it did get colder by afternoon. By then most of the snow had already melted. Nice to see some of the white stuff here although it had snowed before but mostly in the mountains and hills surrounding Daejeon. 

Today’s snow while not that much reminded me of this snowfall back in Seoul back in 2004. One thing is for certain, when it snows a lot the snow sure makes things look pretty for a while here in Korea.

Of course my best friend Bob Patelli back in LaSalle, Illinois wouldn’t think so.

He works for the IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation) and come winter he is out there in a snowplow clearing the highways. He’s been doing that (working for the state) ever since we graduated from LaSalle-Peru Township High School in 1976. 

Snowy day in Daejeon

Snow or no snow, it’s another lazy day for me today.

Don’t have to teach today. I’ll go to the gym and then on my way home stop at this small Korean restaurant for some kimchi-fried rice. You know, when I stop there at night, the woman doing the cooking is more generous with the amount of fried rice she gives me than the woman cooking in the afternoon.