I took these photos last summer when I visited the Task Force Smith monument north of Osan prior to the 61st commemoration ceremony, marking America’s entry into the Korean War. Last summer construction started for a Task Force Smith/Korean War museum next to the monument. It was the first time to visit the monument since the first time I visited it on July 5, 2000.

I could not believe how developed the area north of Osan had become since that first time I visited here. Twelve years ago, this was all pretty much still countryside.


Twelve years ago, that kimchi pot shop across the street did not exist. That highway in front of the monument is Highway Number 1 that goes all the way up to Pyongyang.

This is north of the monument. A few miles north of here is Suwon. Twelve years ago, this area was still undeveloped and farmland. Now look at it.


Task Force Smith Monument Set at Flickr.