Some guys are just assholes.

Last night, while waiting in the lobby of The Fortuna Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 5 for Jimmy to show up for my 10:00 appointment, some guy comes storming into the hotel looking for a room for the night. He has no baggage with him and from what I can overhear in the conversation he has with the desk clerk, he’s staying in some other hotel and needs another room for the night.

When the man inquires about the cost for a room for the night, the desk clerk tells him 1,800 Baht which is strange, because I know rooms only cost 1,400 Baht.

The man leaves the hotel, but returns a few minutes later this time with some baggage and some Thai woman. When he asks about the cost of the room again, he tells the desk clerk that he has stayed in the hotel before and that he paid only 1,400 Baht. The desk clerk tells him that it’s only 1,400 Baht for one person a night.

The man seems desperate to take the room (after all, he does have this woman waiting for him and she appears to be getting a little restless waiting for the man to sort out his room for the night) and grudgingly accepts to pay the 1,800 Baht for the night but only after he sees the room.

About ten minutes later, the woman comes back down to the lobby, pays for the room and then waits for the man. When he does show up, about five minutes later, the woman gives him the change but the man notices that 40 Baht (about $1.10) is missing.

“There’s 40 Baht missing,” he says.

“I gave it to the bell hop for bringing your baggage upstairs,” she says.

“Why did you do that?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Next time ask me before you spend my money.”

She bows her head slightly and says that she is sorry again.

He walks ahead of her as they walk out of the hotel. He doesn’t hold the door open for her.

A guy can drop over a grand for a flight to Thailand, spend a couple hundred Baht a night on drinks, 1,800 Baht for a hotel and probably 1,500 Baht to 2,000 Baht for a woman but gets all bent out of shape because of 40 Baht for a bell hop.