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Stopping by a Palace on a Snowy Day

Stopping by a Palace on a Snowy Day.

Believe it or not, in the 19 years that I have lived in South Korea (as of December 9th) it has only really snowed heavily four or five times in Seoul and Daejeon (where I live now).

This was one of those times in March 2004. It might have only been a few weeks before Spring, but Seoul had been transformed into a winter wonderland; especially at Kyongbok Palace in downtown Seoul, one of the county’s most famous palaces.


  1. Jeffrey, absolutely beautiful pictures, these would make good Christmas Card.

    • Thanks Nye for your kind comments. Yes, these photos would make a lovely Christmas card I think. Thanks again for stopping by with your kind and thoughtful comments.

  2. Jeffrey,
    Agreed with Nye, beautiful. Very peaceful, very fung shui. Moutain on the back, buidlding, and water very strong elements a great foundation for ruler.

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