Sunset along the Mekong RiverSunset along the Mekong River

It’s almost 6:00 on a Friday evening in Vientiane as On and I spend our last night together here this time.

We’ve just returned from a photo shop where we had some of our digital photos printed, had a nice stroll back to our hotel and now, thinking about where we are going to have dinner this evening. Want to have something special, perhaps some Thai or Lao food this evening.

Sunset along the Mekong River

We stop for a moment across the street from the Inter City Hotel to take some photos of the setting sun before having dinner. Every night it is the same sun-setting scene. If you miss it one night, don’t worry. There’ll be another breathtaking sunset the next day. 

Breathtaking. That pretty much sums up what the past week has been like here.