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Geef Voor New Wave

I’m at the gym the other day working out and I’ve got my iPod loaded with classic new wave tracks. When one of those tracks, “Oh Bondage, Up Yours!” by X-Ray Spex comes on, I am immediately teleported back in time, back to December 1980 and January 1981 when I first heard this song on […]

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New Wave Night — TJ McFly’s, Carbondale, December 1980

The photo might be a little blurry, but the memories are not. I remember this night as if it were yesterday. Check out the skinny tie and the three buttons.

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“I’m feelin’ Radioactive, think I’m gonna meltdown tonight” — Scott Wilk + The Walls

In the mail today! A flashback to those glorious, goofin’, pogo jumping, slam dancing early the 1980s. I saw this band at the Southern Illinois University (SIU) Student Center at the beginning of the 1980 fall semester, (shortly after I saw David and the Happenings perform at an outdoor party in Lewis Park) and the […]

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Classic Ultravox

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TS4y9zLIl8w&feature=more_related] A classic Ultravox song, “Passing Strangers” from their 1979 album Vienna. I saw them in concert thirty years ago on Halloween night at SIU (Southern Illinois University).

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Carbondale Alumni Reunion in Chicago at the Smart Bar

It was a little over a year ago when I first wrote an essay about an email I had gotten from David Siegfried, the former lead singer of David and the Happenings, a band that I seen a couple of times in Carbondale, Illinois as well as Chicago. I thought it was cool that David […]

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Makanda Java — Carbondale, Illinois

Jay, the owner of Makanda Java I am not even sure if the building or the coffee shop that was inside is still there, but when I was briefly a student at Southern Illinois University (SIU) in Carbondale, Illinois one of the favorite places to hang out when I was attending in the autumn of […]

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Where were you when John Lennon was shot?

On December 8, many people around the world will take time out again to remember the anniversary of the death of John Lennon.   “Where were you when John Lennon was shot” became just as poignant a question as the one posed by another generation when people asked, “Where were you when JFK was assassinated?” […]

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Hey Earring!

Boy George’s hat almost got my ass kicked in Davenport, Iowa.   It was the winter of ’84 and I was back on the road again helping out 87 Men, formerly known as The Jerks. The band was still doing a lot of these one and two-night gigs in small clubs in Illinois and Iowa […]

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Meet The Jerks – Rock & Roll from America’s Heartland

How I ended up working for a band that had briefly tasted fame (as another band) in the 1970s cannot be told without first looking back at an exciting time in a local music scene. At its most basic and rawest grassroots level, it is what rock and roll has been and will always be […]

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Paul Banging on the Wall & Other Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine — Part 2, “Return of the Fly”

I got an email from my very good friend Paul Collin the other day. It’s been awhile since we last exchanged email and it was really good to hear from him. Although he was a bit pressed for time to write a longer email, (he promised he would write again soon) he did mention his […]

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