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MTV in Goose’s Basement — A work in progress

There was a time when MTV was cool. I mean really cool, like a long, long, long time ago in another galaxy far, far, away cool. Back when the only thing you saw and listened to on MTV were videos. And if the videos programmed for any particular hour or block of time came up […]

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Ghosts of Christmas Past — A snowy night in the Illinois Valley

On a quiet, snowy Tuesday night in December 1980, I am sliding and fishtailing down Water Street on my way to Murphy’s Saloon where The Jerks are playing that evening. It’s a good thing there are no other cars on the street-that runs through an industrial section of Peru, Illinois that in turn is located […]

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With The Jerks — Rock & Roll from America’s Heartland

Meet The Jerks I officially started working with The Jerks in the summer of 1981 but before that there would be musical interlude of a different kind. I had taken some time off school (read: dropped out) and was pretty much just filling in the time (read: having a good time) before I went back […]

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Meet The Jerks – Rock & Roll from America’s Heartland

How I ended up working for a band that had briefly tasted fame (as another band) in the 1970s cannot be told without first looking back at an exciting time in a local music scene. At its most basic and rawest grassroots level, it is what rock and roll has been and will always be […]

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Riding the rails in the US — The Texas Eagle from Chicago to Dallas

It was right before Thanksgiving 1990 and just a few weeks before I would fly to Korea when I boarded an Amtrak train bound for Dallas to spend the holiday with my Mom.  It would end up being my last Thanksgiving at home before I came back to the States for a few months at […]

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From Carbondale to Daejeon

You just never know who is going to stumble across your blog on the Internet and then either write to you or leave comments on one of your postings. Sometimes it’s not unusual like when an old friend who you thought you might have lost touch with writes you or leaves a comment; other times […]

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The Libido Boys — Rock and Roll Angst from the early 80’s

The last time I was back in the States and hanging out with my best friend Chris Vasquez, I wondered—when I looked at the small recording studio he had put together in his bedroom—what would have happened if The Libido Boys had that kind of equipment? For one year—from the summer of 1981 to the […]

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