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The rich get richer–and stingier

There’s a great article in this month’s Scientific American™ which talks about how less compassionate people become the more money they have. But why would wealth and status decrease our feelings of compassion for others? After all, it seems more likely that having few resources would lead to selfishness. Piff and his colleagues suspect that […]

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When Timothy Leary played Peoria (well, not exactly Peoria but a town just across the Illinois River)

This past week, Albert Hofmann the Swiss scientist who discovered LSD in 1938 while researching the medical uses of crop fungus, died at the age of 102. Although I knew a little about what he had done—as far as discovering LSD—I didn’t know anything more about the research and experiments he had conducted with this […]

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It all started with Archie Comics

When people ask me how I became interested in writing or what was my first publishing credit, I tell them Archie Comics. That’s right, it was Archie Comics and an Archie Fan Club letter that got me started down the literary path. It probably wasn’t how I first became interested in writing because I had […]

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Q: Are we not Men? A: We are McDevo!

Devo and a McDonald’s Happy Meal?   That’s right spuds and mutants everywhere. A Devo-like toy is just one of the American Idol-inspired toys included in a McDonald’s Happy Meal as part of an American Idol promotion campaign until next month.   There’s no mistaking this mini version of Devo’s “Energy Dome” perched on the […]

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The Honeymooners — TV comedy at its zenith

When I was writing about Family Classics the other day and waxing nostalgic about growing up in Oglesby, Illinois I started to think about some other TV shows that I used to watch regularly especially sitcoms.  Aside from some of the my favorite prime time servings that would define an era like All in the […]

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