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“Style before Gel” — Damaged Goods

The back story for “Style before Gel” dates back to 1980 when I saw David and the Happenings for the first time at SIU (Southern Illinois University) and three times in Chicago, including one slam-dancing punk rock night at the Space Place, which was the inspiration for this story. David and the Happenings was a […]

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Jazz? You like Jazz?

Well, not exactly unless it is good jazz and it also helps that I know someone in the band. In this case, it is Frank Trompeter who used to blow sax for David and the Happenings (who just so incidentally are getting together this weekend at the Smart Bar in Chicago for their first concert […]

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New Wave Class of 1979: “One Step Beyond” — Madness

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eir3-omjMVQ] I was jamming to some tunes on my iPod today when “One Step Beyond” by Madness comes on, and I think, if someone asked me what songs best characterized the new wave sound, this one would be one of them. Although some music purists and musicologists might beg to differ with my simplified assessment—after […]

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Carbondale Alumni Reunion in Chicago at the Smart Bar

It was a little over a year ago when I first wrote an essay about an email I had gotten from David Siegfried, the former lead singer of David and the Happenings, a band that I seen a couple of times in Carbondale, Illinois as well as Chicago. I thought it was cool that David […]

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Guess who’s been stopping by?

That’s what I am always curious to know when I see the number of hits some of my posts get, like the ones about-Buckacre, Howard Air Force Base, David and the Happenings, Family Classics with Frazier Thomas, and Panmunjom to name but a few. And I am quite delighted when someone leaves comments, like some […]

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The Soundtrack of my Life — Tracks 1-5

One song that is in heavy rotation on my iPod Nano these days is “Echo Beach” by Martha and the Muffins. Every time I hear this song-a classic from 1980-I am reminded of the time that I almost saw them. They were playing at Tuts in Chicago just right after New Year’s Day in 1981. […]

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Gee, I wish I had that song on a CD or an audio file

Today one of my blog readers left some real cool comments on my From Carbondale to Daejeon posting which got me thinking about SIU and the early 80s again as well as music—more specifically, some bands that I liked back then, but whose songs I do not have on any CD or any audio files. […]

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Rock & Roll Brothers

David sent along some cool pics of his brother James Chance and himself as well as some of his band David and the Happenings.  This first pic with his brother James Chance on the left was taken in 1981. The second pic, with David on the left was taken at a concert in Chicago in […]

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From Carbondale to Daejeon

You just never know who is going to stumble across your blog on the Internet and then either write to you or leave comments on one of your postings. Sometimes it’s not unusual like when an old friend who you thought you might have lost touch with writes you or leaves a comment; other times […]

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