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Some more Buckacre, please

Came across this really slick Website today courtesy of a high school acquaintance who I haven’t seen since high school and who I recently reconnected with via this blog. It’s a site devoted to Southern Rock with two posts devoted to Buckacre. I like the comments a person left on one of the posts about […]

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Remembering Les Lockridge — 1947-2010

Yesterday morning (Wednesday in Korea) I was catching up with what had happened on the other side of the world when I get a message from John Piontek via Facebook that Les Lockridge, former member of Buckacre had passed away after battling ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). I’ve written a few blog posts about Buckacre–the most […]

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How did you end up in Korea? Part 1: Lost Luggage, Digestive Crackers, and David Letterman

“I turned left at Japan.” When you decide to leave your country and travel halfway around the world to live and work-in my case to teach English in Korea-there are some things that you are never going to forget about your experience abroad and your life as an expat. It goes without saying that for […]

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“I’m Henry the Eighth I am…”

Okay, for the record I want to emphasize that I have never, I repeat never fancied myself or considered myself to be much of a singer. I’m the kind of person that can carry pretty much anything but not carry a tune. Heck, I’m not even a good singer in the shower. In elementary school […]

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Makanda Java — Carbondale, Illinois

Jay, the owner of Makanda Java I am not even sure if the building or the coffee shop that was inside is still there, but when I was briefly a student at Southern Illinois University (SIU) in Carbondale, Illinois one of the favorite places to hang out when I was attending in the autumn of […]

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“Have Yourself a Merry little Beatles’ Christmas…”

Good King Wenceslas last looked out On the Feast of Stephen, Ho! As the slow ray around about Deep and crisp and crispy. Brightly show the boot last night On the mossty cruel. Henry Hall and David Lloyd, Betty Grable, too-oo-oo. Hello, this is John speaking with his voice. We’re all very happy to be […]

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Hey Earring!

Boy George’s hat almost got my ass kicked in Davenport, Iowa.   It was the winter of ’84 and I was back on the road again helping out 87 Men, formerly known as The Jerks. The band was still doing a lot of these one and two-night gigs in small clubs in Illinois and Iowa […]

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On the road with The Jerks, Part 1

Meet The Jerks   After my first road trip with The Jerks to Peoria there was another one-night gig at a youth center in Dixon, Illinois. There would another date at the Second Chance as well as a few nights at T.J. McFly’s in Carbondale (that was a lot of fun heading back to SIU […]

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With The Jerks — Rock & Roll from America’s Heartland

Meet The Jerks I officially started working with The Jerks in the summer of 1981 but before that there would be musical interlude of a different kind. I had taken some time off school (read: dropped out) and was pretty much just filling in the time (read: having a good time) before I went back […]

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Meet The Jerks – Rock & Roll from America’s Heartland

How I ended up working for a band that had briefly tasted fame (as another band) in the 1970s cannot be told without first looking back at an exciting time in a local music scene. At its most basic and rawest grassroots level, it is what rock and roll has been and will always be […]

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