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Welcome Home, Sgt. Paul M. Gordon

Another service member from the Korean War will soon be coming home:   Sgt. Paul M. Gordon was a farm boy from Dry Ridge, a top-notch basketball player who dreamed of one day going to Alaska to pan for gold. He graduated from Crittenden High School when he was 16 and joined the Army soon […]

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War Remains — The LaSalle County Link

When I sat down and started to write my Korean War novel War Remains in the fall of 2009, I based parts of the novel on some of the interviews I had with US Second Infantry Division veterans who were at such places as the Pusan Perimeter, Kunu-ri, Chipyong-ni, and Hoengseong. Then, there was the […]

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July 27, 1953

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the end of the Korean War when the armistice was signed at Panmunjom. For some families though, the war has never ended. http://amzn.to/ZAcFu8

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War Remains Cracks Amazon’s UK Top 20 Charts

Now I know how The Beatles felt when they cracked the US charts in the early 60s! War Remains UK War Remains US

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Welcome Home, Corporal James Rexford Hare

It could be a page right out of the Korean War novel, War Remains. Another soldier, Corporal James Rexford Hare, has come home from a forgotten war. And this time, it’s a soldier who was captured during the battle at Hoengseong. Hare was in the 15th Field Artillery Battalion, 2nd Infantry Division, which was part […]

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Ice Cream Headache: My Journey Back to 1968

I’m a student and a teacher of history and when it comes to writing both become quite evident in what I write. My first novel, War Remains, A Korean War Novel took me back to the opening months of the Korean War, the breakout from the Pusan Perimeter, Kunu-ri, and the battle at Hoengseong. My […]

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Military Demarcation Line — Panmunjom

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Korean War armistice on July 27, 1953 which ended the three-year conflict. For over 60 years, the two Koreas have remained technically at war with numerous incidents to remind the world of the fragile peace which has existed on the peninsula. My first book, […]

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In 2001, while writing for the Korea Times as a feature writer, I had the opportunity and the the honor to meet a group of Korean War veterans who came to Korea to visit the Chipyong-ni battlefield near Wonju and Hoengseong. One of the veterans I met was Oscar Cortez, who was captured by the […]

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It makes it all worthwhile

Sometimes you connect with a reader which makes all the difference in the world: Dear Mr. Miller, Last year, while looking for information about the Hoengsong Valley Massacre, I came across your website, went from one end of it to the other and then bought your book, War Remains. My father, Sgt. Luther Rominger was killed […]

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Some people say the nicest things

Bumped into a colleague today who had just finished reading War Remains. He bought two copies of it from me last week, one for himself and one for his father in Australia. Anyway, he told me how much he liked it and asked me if it was based on a true story. I told him […]

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