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Pachinko, A Literary Triumph!

In the spirit of Charles Dickens and Leo Tolstoy, Pachinko is a beautifully written story about the sweeping four-generation history and saga of a Korean family in Japan. In a story filled with forbidden love, triumph and failure, and the need to belong, author Min Jin Lee sheds light on a subject not normally explored […]

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It was twenty years ago today…

Not when Sergeant Pepper told the band to play but when this former Sergeant got on a plane at LAX and flew to Japan. And so began this 20-year adventure of teaching English in Asia—first in Japan and then in Korea. It’s been some adventure that’s for sure. I’ve already written much about my life […]

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The Great Buddha at Kamakura

The Great Buddha at Kamakura You sit there so quiet contemplative meditative and grand with that peaceful look upon your bronze face and heavy hands folded in your lap. Gazing straight ahead you’ve watched the seasons come and go- from delicate Japanese springs of pink and white cherry blossoms to the vibrant red and golden […]

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Christmas in Asia

Halfway around the world in Asia, the celebration of Christmas is quite different than the way it is celebrated in the West. Although the true meaning and spirit of the season might be lost in the obvious commercialization and marketing of the holiday in countries like Japan and Korea, certain traditions and celebrations have evolved […]

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Hanging out with Kenny Shangrila in Japan: Kenny and Johnny Thunders’ guitar

One of Kenny’s prized possessions (and there are many!) in his country studio is a Gibson guitar that he once lent to Johnny Thunders to use when he was playing a concert in Japan. Kenny first met Johnny Thunders in 1985 when Thunders was in Japan for a concert. According to Kenny, one of his […]

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