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Photo of the Day: SolBridge Sports Day

Fall 2013 Sports Day 004

Students at the SolBridge International School of Business in Daejeon, South Korea, took time out on the eve of midterms week for some fun and games during the school’s annual Sports Day. Held each year in the fall, BBA and MBA students compete in a series of games and sporting events to unwind before their midterm exams. Organized by SolBridge’s hardworking Student Council and supported by Student Services, Sports Day is one of a number of events held each semester for students.

Photo of the Day: Midterm week at SolBridge

Random SolBridge 2013 006

SolBridge students are burning the oil late at night as they begin their midterms.

What’s happening outside SolBridge these days?

Bridge 002

Lots of construction happening outside SolBridge these days with a new bridge being built. Let’s hope all these road and bridge improvements will remove a lot of the traffic gridlock which has gotten worse the past couple of years.

Bridge 001

Photo of the Day: President of Boeing Korea Speaks at SolBridge

Special Lecture October 8 2013 003

The President of Boeing Korea and Vice President of Boeing International, Pat Gaines, gave an inspiring special lecture to the SolBridge student body on October 8, 2013. During his hour-long talk, Gaines talked about his career with Boeing and the importance of soft skills, especially the importance of mentoring in today’s competitive business world.

Photo of the Day: Fall 2013 Market Research Competition

Fall 2013 Market Research Competition 001

Heidi Huong Nguyen (right) and Quynh Nguyen (left) listen to their mentor speak during a breakout session for the Fall 2013 International Market Research Competition at the SolBridge International School of Business in Daejeon, South Korea. Both students are MBA students from Vietnam.

Photo of the day: Students studying for midterms

Random SolBridge 2013 003

Students at the SolBridge International School of Business study late in the school’s Sol-Doree Cafe a week before midterms start.

Arirang Radio’s “Travel Bug/Guest House”

June 25 2013

It was fun.

That’s what best describes my appearance on Arirang Radio’s “Travel Bug” hosted by Korean celebrity Lisa Kelley. It was a lot more informal than I expected which made it more fun and allowed me to feel more relaxed.

The program is a veritable cornucopia on things Korean, Lisa, who was a most gracious host, explained that the majority of her listeners are from outside Korea who are interested in Korean culture, travel, music, and food.

I was invited to appear on the show to talk about War Remains on the 63rd anniversary of the start of the Korean War. Although the show was taped on Tuesday, June  25th, the show will not air until the day after. They would have liked for me to be on the show’s Monday taping, but timing became a bit of a problem.

In the Studio

I got the chance to talk about the book, how I came to write the book back in 2009, and at the end of the show, I was asked to read an excerpt. Now whether or not these listeners will be flocking to download copies of any of my books due to my appearance on the show remains to be seen.

Add one more “cool” thing to the list of things I’ve done while I’ve been in Korea. Now I can tell people, “yeah, I’ve been on radio.”

It was a lot of fun.

Guest House — June 26, 2013

On the Air

Radio-microphone-440x360Guess who’s going to be on a radio show in Korea next week?

Give up?

Okay it’s me.

The call came from Arirang TV/Radio the other day that they want to have me on a show, talking about War Remains, as well as my travels in Korea (after all the show I will be on is called Travel Bug).

I’ve known for some time that I would be featured on an Arirang Radio show but I didn’t know which one. I’ll have the chanct to talk about myself in part I, talk about War Remains in Part II, and then, in Part III, talk about my travels in South Korea or other destinations.

What travel destination should I talk about? I think I’m going to talk about the first trip I took in Korea to Kyongju with my friend Ken Celmer in January 1991, just a few weeks after I arrived. That trip will always stand out most in my mind, especially when we climbed the mountain to see the Sokkuram Buddha.

Should be a lot of fun, wouldn’t you say?

Black Death


Japanese_RentanBlack Death

I had plenty of cultural things to learn when I arrived in Korea back in 1990 such as the black cylindrical briquette canisters, about the size of a can of motor oil that were once predominantly used as a source of fuel for cooking and heating in Korea. Problem was when these briquettes, called yontan in Korean were burned in short, squat barrel-shaped stoves they produced black soot that got on everything. Even if you didn’t burn your own yontan, it was still everywhere. Take down a picture from the wall and you would see its black outline. Go to bed at night; in the morning there would be a film of black grit everywhere. Even my white dress shirts and t-shirts, which I hung to dry in the laundry room next to the kitchen, soon were imbued with a grayish tint. Breathing in that shit wasn’t good for you either. I must have coughed up a bucket of black mucous that first winter.

I bitched and moaned when I had to clean up that black soot on the kitchen table, my desk, and the television every morning, sometimes again at night. Sometimes I forgot and after a while I got used to it until I heard what happened to the family of five who lived in the apartment next to mine. They died of carbon monoxide poisoning last night. Someone forgot to open a window.

July 27, 1953

detail of a statue at the Korean War Veteran's Memorial in Washington, D.C.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the end of the Korean War when the armistice was signed at Panmunjom.

For some families though, the war has never ended.

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