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Geef Voor New Wave

I’m at the gym the other day working out and I’ve got my iPod loaded with classic new wave tracks. When one of those tracks, “Oh Bondage, Up Yours!” by X-Ray Spex comes on, I am immediately teleported back in time, back to December 1980 and January 1981 when I first heard this song on […]

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Johnny Thunders — July 15, 1952-April 23, 1991

It’s been 21 years since Johnny Thunders was found dead in a New Orleans hotel room; some say from drug-related causes while others point to foul play (his passport, clothes, and make up were gone). Known for his work with The New York Dolls and The Heartbreakers with the classic punk rock anthem as “Born […]

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Jimmy Wong — Thailand’s Tattoo Legend

Without question, Southeast Asia’s most famous tattoo artist who has been leaving behind a legacy of tattoo stylings (and inflicting a little pain along the way) for over 36 years. Even if you haven’t been fortunate enough to get inked by Jimmy, you have most likely have heard about him if you are a tattoo […]

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Jimmy Wong Tattooing Johnny Thunders, 1991

Ever since I started to hang out with my best friend Kenny last year I have become a big fan of Johnny Thunders. Just in case you’re not up on your history of rock and roll, Thunders founded The New York Dolls and later, after The Dolls broke up, founded The Heartbreakers in the early […]

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Hanging out with Kenny Shangrila in Japan: Kenny and Johnny Thunders’ guitar

One of Kenny’s prized possessions (and there are many!) in his country studio is a Gibson guitar that he once lent to Johnny Thunders to use when he was playing a concert in Japan. Kenny first met Johnny Thunders in 1985 when Thunders was in Japan for a concert. According to Kenny, one of his […]

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