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Yikes! That’s some serious cabbage!

How much would you pay for a head of cabbage? Let me rephrase that, how much would you be willing to spend for a head of cabbage?

In this photo, via the Joong Ang Daily, a head of cabbage at a market in Seoul is 11,600 won, or $10.12.

That’s got to put a dent in one’s pocketbook, especially when cabbage is one of the main staples of the Korean diet (kimchi). And with kimjang (the making of kimchi) just around the corner, it’s going to put even a bigger dent in folks’ pocketbooks here.

To boldly go where no Kimchi has gone before

Space Kimchi

U.S. astronauts had their Tang now Korea’s first astronaut is going to have kimchi and instant noodles in outer space. 

“Several Korean meals are ready to go with Korea’s first astronaut in April, with the dishes receiving the go sign from the Russian space authorities.

The Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute said Tuesday that it recently received certificates from the State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation for four types of food. The Korea Food Research Institute is also developing six other menu items for the space trip.

The astronaut, Ko San, will eat kimchi, bean soup, rice and instant noodles as main dishes. Then he will be able to cleanse his palate with ginseng tea or sujeonggwa (cinnamon punch).”

But will kimchi be safe to eat in outer space? Some people are worried that it might explode.

According to Lee Ju-woon, a researcher at the institute, the Russian space agency worried that the kimchi would ferment in space, causing the sealed bag to explode.  “It can be dangerous if a bag of kimchi explodes in space, because no one knows whether the anaerobic bacteria in the kimchi is safe there or not,” Lee said.

I wonder if the kimchi will still pack the some spicy wallop in outer space as it does down here on terra firma?

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