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Serpico in Laos

There’s nothing like a person being proud of what they do, even when it comes to driving a tuk-tuk or songthaew for a living. And to show that pride, not to mention showing off to your friends, a little help from Serpico a.k.a. Al Pacino wouldn’t hurt. Back in 2010, Aon, Jeremy Aaron and I went shopping […]

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On the road to Pakxe

Tonight I attended a ceremony and dinner to commemorate an honorary Lao Consul on the Woosong University campus. During dinner, when it was learned that I am the author of four books, I was asked when I was going to write a book about Laos, which got me thinking. I really should at some point. […]

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Home Sweet Home — Our House in Laos

Work is still progressing on our house in Laos; now the workers have started to work inside. More photos will be coming soon; in the meantime here’s a slideshow of the work so far.

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Help a school in Laos

I am starting a campaign to help a small school in Laos near the house that Aon and I are building in Paksong. It is also the school where Bia attends. This is a two-room schoolhouse, but as you can see it is overcrowded and has no electricity or running water.  The school is very […]

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Ferry ‘cross the Mekong

One of my first trips in Laos was back in July of 2007 when Aon, her family (her mom, younger sister, and Bia) and I visited the famous Buddhist temple and Khmer ruins Wat Phou Champasak near Pakxe in southern Laos. Getting there was quite an interesting journey because to get to the temple and […]

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Someone stole my new Doc Martens!

Yesterday, I bought my first new pair of shoes in four years. The Doc Martens that I had bought in the States back in 2005 had served my feet well. As Forrest Gump mused, “there’s an awful lot you can tell about a person by their shoes, where they’re going and where they’ve been.” In […]

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Vientiane – Gateway for your Laos Adventure

Hugging a bend along the Mekong River as it winds south between Thailand and Laos, Vientiane first appears a rather non-assuming town with a mixture of French, Chinese and Vietnamese-style buildings interspersed among Buddhist temples and modern structures. Busy and hectic compared to the rest of the country, with a population just a little over […]

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Haw Pha Kaew — Once home to the “Emerald Buddha”

One of Vientiane’s “must see” attractions is Haw Pha Kaew, once the king’s personal Buddhist temple. Although it is not actually a temple per se with monks on the premises and services being performed, today it functions as a museum of art with a very impressive collection of Laotian Buddhist artifacts. Built in the sixteenth […]

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Goofy Falls — Somewhere in Panama

I can’t recall the first time I heard about Goofy Falls when I was stationed in Panama at Howard Air Force Base from 1976-1978 or understood why it had been called Goofy Falls in the first place but for many people stationed on the Pacific side of the Panama Canal, it was an alternative to […]

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“Combat” on the bus to Vientiane

When you take a VIP bus or similar bus for long distances in Laos (and other Southeast Asian countries) there’s usually a television mounted at the front of the bus where TV programs and videos/DVD’s are shown.   If you’re lucky whoever is in charge of entertainment for the bus might play a decent movie […]

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