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Full Circle

2015-09-04 06.50.53Not long after I arrived in Korea in 1990, I started having breakfast at Paris Croissant in the Kangnam subway station. My buddy, Ken, told me about the place where a fellow could get a fried egg, toast, and coffee for a couple thousand won. Not a bad deal.

On many a morning, before I started teaching my first class at ELS, a language school in southern Seoul, I had my breakfast at Paris Croissant, sitting elbow to elbow with office ladies, dipping my buttered toast in the egg yolk, washing it down with black coffee, and listening to Frank Sinatra. (“Seoul Movement”)

This past week, The SolBridge coffee shop started serving morning breakfast. For 3,000 won a fellow can get two pieces of toast, fried egg, and a cup of joe. Not a bad way to begin the day.

Although there were no office ladies or Frank Sinatra, I felt as though I had stepped back in time, twenty-five years.

2014 SolBridge Asian Thought Leaders Case Competition

2014 SolBridge Asian Thought Leaders Competition 013

The first-ever SolBridge Asian Thought Leaders Case Competition got underway on Monday, January 20th, featuring twenty-two students from seven universities (SolBridge included) around Asia.

2014 SolBridge Asian Thought Leaders Competition 003

Photo of the Day: Put ‘er in the basket, Chief!

Fall 2013 Sports Day 048

All I could think about after I took these photos was Jack Nicholson playing basketball in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Photo of the Day: SolBridge Sports Day

Fall 2013 Sports Day 004

Students at the SolBridge International School of Business in Daejeon, South Korea, took time out on the eve of midterms week for some fun and games during the school’s annual Sports Day. Held each year in the fall, BBA and MBA students compete in a series of games and sporting events to unwind before their midterm exams. Organized by SolBridge’s hardworking Student Council and supported by Student Services, Sports Day is one of a number of events held each semester for students.

Photo of the Day: Midterm week at SolBridge

Random SolBridge 2013 006

SolBridge students are burning the oil late at night as they begin their midterms.

What’s happening outside SolBridge these days?

Bridge 002

Lots of construction happening outside SolBridge these days with a new bridge being built. Let’s hope all these road and bridge improvements will remove a lot of the traffic gridlock which has gotten worse the past couple of years.

Bridge 001

Photo of the Day: President of Boeing Korea Speaks at SolBridge

Special Lecture October 8 2013 003

The President of Boeing Korea and Vice President of Boeing International, Pat Gaines, gave an inspiring special lecture to the SolBridge student body on October 8, 2013. During his hour-long talk, Gaines talked about his career with Boeing and the importance of soft skills, especially the importance of mentoring in today’s competitive business world.

Photo of the Day: Fall 2013 Market Research Competition

Fall 2013 Market Research Competition 001

Heidi Huong Nguyen (right) and Quynh Nguyen (left) listen to their mentor speak during a breakout session for the Fall 2013 International Market Research Competition at the SolBridge International School of Business in Daejeon, South Korea. Both students are MBA students from Vietnam.

Photo of the day: Students studying for midterms

Random SolBridge 2013 003

Students at the SolBridge International School of Business study late in the school’s Sol-Doree Cafe a week before midterms start.

Multicultural Festival 2013: Our diversity makes us one

Spring 2013 Multicultural Festival 127

One of the highlights of the school year at the SolBridge International School of Business is the annual Multicultural Festival. It is a chance for students to share their cultures with their classmates and faculty through song and dance as well as traditional clothing. It is more than a celebration of culture, though. It is a celebration of our diversity which makes us all one at SolBridge.

A week before finals, students take time out from their studies to practice dance routines, songs, and prepare their traditional clothing for this big event. The rest of the student body and faculty, knowing the kind of cultural festivals which have been held in the past, are equally excited, waiting to see what kind of dances and songs will be performed at this year’s event.

Spring 2013 Multicultural Festival 017

Students look forward to this night all semester. Not only is the night the chance for them to entertain their classmates with traditional songs and dances, the students also prepare various dishes from their country. Sadly, the food runs out rather quickly!

Spring 2013 Multicultural Festival 105

This year I tried Uzbekistan food as well as curry from Thailand and desserts from Vietnam. I wish the SolBridge cafeteria or Sol Bistro would have an “international” food day once a week featuring one or two dishes from some of the countries are students are from.

Food aside, the performances which the students put together are simply amazing!

Spring 2013 Multicultural Festival 158

Some of the performances are quite breathtaking. What’s also amazing is the students have been able to find (or bring with them) the traditional clothing and costumes.

Spring 2013 Multicultural Festival 146

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