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Twenty-five Years Ago this Month

Twenty-five years ago this month, I taught my last class at ELS, a language school in Seoul near Kangnam subway station. On November 27, 1992, I said goodbye to my colleagues at ELS and left for Kimpo. I would be back six weeks later, teaching at Yonsei University’s Foreign Language Institute. The two years I […]

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Why I Love My Job as the SolBridge Web Manager

I love teaching at the SolBridge International School of Business. Since 2010, I have been teaching Honors English and since last year, I have been teaching U.S. History (with President Dr. John Endicott) Highlights of Asian History and East Asian Politics (again co-teaching with Dr. Endicott). After all these years of teaching in Korea, I […]

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Mistaken Identity

Today, one of my students, Han-na mistakenly called me Mr. Mailer. Whether or not it was a Freudian slip of the tongue, a simple English pronunciation mistake, or that Han-na’s English proficiency is much better than she has led me to believe in class, I will try and live up to the mistaken identity. On […]

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Stalking English teachers in South Korea

Came across an interesting article in the LA Times today about English teachers being stalked in South Korea. This topic has been making the rounds a lot on expat blogs in South Korea since it first appeared and for it to be written about outside of Korea gives one the impression that it is quite […]

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The names have been changed to protect the innocent You meet a lot of interesting people when you’ve been living overseas for as long as I have, which if you count this month is now 20 years and five months, not counting the two years I was stationed in Panama and subtracting the two months […]

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Dictatory — Dictation + Story

A novel approach for using dictations in the EFL classroom I got this idea from and ESL/EFL forum and tweaked it a bit for my classes A “dictatory” is a dictation that is a continuous short story that spread over 8-10 lessons depending on the length of each dictation (approximately 40-50 words). Instead of an […]

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How did you end up in Korea? Part 1: Lost Luggage, Digestive Crackers, and David Letterman

“I turned left at Japan.” When you decide to leave your country and travel halfway around the world to live and work-in my case to teach English in Korea-there are some things that you are never going to forget about your experience abroad and your life as an expat. It goes without saying that for […]

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All Quiet on the Eastern Front

It’s 7:00pm on quiet Friday night in Daejeon, South Korea (for those of you not familiar with South Korea, Daejeon is about 100 miles south of Seoul)—quiet in that I am sitting alone in a classroom at the Woosong (pronounced oo-song) Language Institute waiting for one or two students to show up for their 7-9 […]

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He will sell well in Asia

If the shortest distance between two points is not always a straight line, then how I ended up teaching English in Korea started off with an interview for a teaching position in Indonesia. It also helped that I had in the words of an interviewer, “the All-American look.” In the summer of 1990 I had […]

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“TOEFL, TOEIC & English Oh My; TOEFL, TOEIC & English Oh My”

If you really want to see where a lot of Korea’s disposable income goes just take a walk through a bookstore specializing in the sale of English language books, tapes, CD’s and other English-related materials. It’s no wonder, given most people’s penchant for wanting to speak English better or for their children to learn English […]

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