If there was one film that every American should watch–whether this upcoming Memorial Day weekend when we take time out to remember our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters and fathers and mothers who gave their lives for our country–or any other time when remembering our service members,  that film would have to be Taking Chance (2009).

This film does more than tug on your patriotic heartstrings. This film is far from politics, tea parties, who’s right and who’s wrong. This film is about duty, honor and country. It is just a story about the respect for someone who has given their life in the defense of our country.

Kevin Bacon is superb as the Marine Lt. Colonel who brings home a Marine who died in Iraq. He delivers a stellar performance as does the supporting cast.

I know I will be watching it again and remembering our veterans and service members this Memorial Day Weekend. This film really got to me the first time I watched it because I was writing the last chapter of my novel. That chapter was quite emotional for me to write and the movie brought to the fore much of the emotions I felt with that chapter.