It’s not exactly long fantail boats or larger vessels ferrying passengers up and down or across the muddy Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, but some entrepreneurs here have come up with the same idea for “water taxis” for the Han River in Seoul.

“People wait for free rides on water taxis that began yesterday to ply routes on the Han River. Eleven water taxis were on hand to take passengers for a ride to promote the new service. A one-way ride will take 15 minutes and will cost 5,000 won ($5.40) per person.”

Unlike Bangkok though, the fare is pretty steep in Seoul for a one-way ride across the Han and I wonder if it is more beneficial to take a water taxi instead of a subway. On the other hand, it might be a big hit for tourists especially if the taxis are running at night when the city and the river are the prettiest.

(Pic and quoted text borrowed from the Joong Ang Daily)