It’s been fifteen years since I first traveled to Thailand and every time I come back here I feel like I am coming home.

Even though I have lived and worked in Korea since 1990, I have had just as many life-defining moments here in Thailand. I have found love here, been married here and had the funeral ceremony for my wife here. It was here in Thailand where I embraced Buddhism more fully and where I would meet Jimmy Wong.

And now another holiday in Thailand and all the more special because I am going to be sharing it with On.

Got in to Bangkok a little after 1:00 this morning and by the time On and I got to our hotel, the Regency Park Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 22 it was after 2:00. Didn’t sleep in as much as I thought we would today; around 7:00 we were awaken by workers at a construction site next to the hotel. Definitely going to have to change rooms today.

Nothing planned for today. Or as On put it when we were talking about what we would do the first day or two we were together in Bangkok, “I don’t want to go anywhere.”