It has taken me six months, but I feel that I almost finished with my latest writing project, a novella about one day in 1968. I wrote out the first draft for this novella, based on a poem I wrote a few years ago, when I was in Laos last December-February. The story itself is already finished; I am now just fleshing out a few chapters and scenes.

Like my first novel, War Remains, I knew how the story was going to finish before I even started to write it. What was most interesting for me was the journey I would take to get to the final scenes. For me, writing is always a journey. It is always a journey of discovery. For this story, I drew upon a lot of my childhood memories growing up in Oglesby, Illinois in the 1960s. There are some autobiographical moments in the story and at the same time, the story allows me to travel back home.

I like this story a lot. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that it is the best thing I have written–even better than War Remains.