Most everyone knows organized crime exists in Korea and has for some time, but what people probably haven’t known is just how many people are involved with organized crime (at least those organized crime members prosecutors know about).

“The number of organized gang members prosecutors are keeping an eye on topped 11,000 across the nation. According to the report submitted by Justice Ministry to Rep. Choi Byung-gook of Grand National Party on Monday, 11,476 members from 471 organized gangs are on the supervision list of prosecutors. Among them, 167 groups were deemed criminal organizations by courts. Busan district prosecutors had the most on their hands with 1,833 gang members from 101 groups, followed by 1,581 members from 45 groups in Suwon, 1,542 from 33 groups in Gwangju, South Jeolla Province and 1,193 members from 81 groups in central Seoul.”

It’s probably not surprising that there are more gang members in Busan given that it is a port city making it easy for gangs to operate, but it begs a more serious question and that is what are the police doing or not doing there?

And what about Daejeon?

Well, I saw this one guy at the gym I work out at who had this back piece tattoo that was a bit too much for some average Kim in Daejeon to have. Kind of figured he must be a member of a gang with that ink as well as when he came to the gym one day with two associates carrying a few phones for him.

(Pic borrowed from the Digital Chosun)