It’s been almost one year now since I left Korea to embark on my next great adventure.

Hard to believe that a year has already passed.

I remember everything so vividly as though it happened yesterday. A year ago at this time I was beginning to say my good-byes, busy packing up the last of my belongings, selling what I could and getting ready to leave. I had nothing lined up but I was looking forward to getting away for a few months to see if there was indeed life after Korea.

But I kept the door opened and in the end, I would come back to what I thought and what I have always believed in was a sure thing.

However, the jury is still out on whether or not it was a good idea to come back here. It’s still too early to tell. I don’t see how I am any better off than I was a year ago. Maybe a little wiser; definitely not any richer though. And as for my quality of life, it’s probably the worse it has been since I first came to Korea.

Last year, when I was back in LaSalle, my best friend Chris and I were waiting for our food at an Arby’s drive-thru when he turned to me and asked me what I would do if I could not go back to Korea.

Don’t even think that Chris, I told him quickly as not to invoke any bad karma.

At the time I was still waiting to hear from all the applications I had sent out to schools in Korea. I had been back home for two weeks and already I was climbing the walls and beginning to sweat just a little.

No, seriously Sparks. What would you do if you couldn’t go back?

I don’t know Chris. It is something I don’t want to think about.

Maybe I should have.