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The shape of things to come…again

After a four-month hiatus, I’ve returned to my local gym and not a moment too soon. Talk about being out of shape–well, I do a lot of walking here, a couple of miles a day–but back on the running machine and step master again I had to start out slow (with plenty of stretching before and after) to avoid injury. And Yoga–lots of Yoga has helped a lot.

Last year at this time I was running 10 kilometers in an hour. Today I got back up to 4 kilometers or 2.4 miles in 30 minutes. That’s still pretty good for a 52-year-old but I do want to get back up to 10 kilometers again.

I also need to get my weight back down again. Put on a few extra pounds this year, but as was the case the other times I worked out, in a few weeks I was able to lose all the weight I put on.


  1. Jeff, I did a seven mile walk the other day. Thought I was in shape but after that walk I was exhausted.
    You weren’t eating KFC for Chuseok, were you 🙂 That would put on the pounds.
    Good luck with your fitness routine!

  2. It’s good to hear about your fitness routine and good luck with that.

    I’ll be working more in my garden this fall, but pretty soon it’ll get dark real fast.

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