Xanadu04-800x435Where do you get your inspiration for your short stories and books is a question I am often asked when people learn that I have written eight books and working on two more?

That’s simple. I listen to my Muse.

While my source of inspiration might not be exactly like the Muses depicted in the 1980 film, Xanadu, I am inspired various sources. Sometimes it might be an article I read in a newspaper or a magazine. Other times it might be a snippet of a conversation I overhear. These days I draw inspiration from the memories I have of growing up back in a small town in Illinois in the 1960s and 197os. In fact, the novella I am working on now takes me back to Oglesby, Illinois, a town that I grew up in during this period. The inspiration is probably more of a defense mechanism to combat homesickness as well as  the wave of nostalgia I often feel when I think about back home (I have been living and working in Asia since 1990 and have only been back to the States a dozen times).

There’s always something for me to write about. My real challenge is finding the time to bring these ideas to life.

If you have trouble finding something to write about, my suggestion is to look at the world around you. It might be something that you read or see that can inspire you to write. Draw upon something that is near and dear to you. Choose a memory that has a special place in your heart and bring it to life. Your Muse is that voice inside your head guiding you on the journey you are about to take. Find something that is very special to you and your Muse will do the rest.

Listen to your Muse.