How do you write? Do you prefer to start with pen/pencil and paper or do you jump right in with your computer?

I still prefer to begin all my writing projects with a pen and legal pad. I still love the feeling of  a pen in my hand and the physical act of creating words and worlds on a blank sheet of paper. I love the way the ink flows from my pen onto the paper. It is something tangible and real in a world of computer screens, tablets, and smart phones.

From a practical point of view, I am able to write and edit faster. Sometimes when I am composing on a computer I tend to go back and edit as I go along which can be rather time consuming. It is so much easier to scratch something out and begin again instead of going back and rewriting from the beginning.

Of course, it can also be more time consuming when transferring what you’ve written on paper to your computer, but this is also part of the writing process, the revision process as it were. It’s like an extra step in the writing process which helps me to see if there are any gaps in the story’s flow as I move from paper to computer.

In the end, though, I am a romantic at heart and like a bit of old school in my life.

How about you?