icecreamCover2There are book reviews and then there are book reviews!

This latest one left at Amazon for Ice Cream Headache, definitely rocks!

Jeffrey Miller is an instinctive navigator of the human heart. His ability to draw universal thoughts and emotions from commonplace characters in simple settings is reminiscent of Stephen King in Hearts in Atlantis.

In the novella, The Ice Cream Headache, the locale is a small town in rural America and the time is 1968. And while it is true that the troubling Vietnam War, combined with widespread civil dissent, enshrouds the drama which Mr. Miller slowly unfolds, the time and place could just have easily been a gloomy castle in medieval Denmark or a 19th Century whaling ship off the coast of New England. The Vietnam War as viewed from the homefront is, nevertheless, the flashpoint for the story and lends to it a certain texture, poignancy and intensity it might otherwise not have had. Under the low-lying dark cloud of war, the finely-crafted characters act out their personal dramas within a milieu of sadness, regret, guilt, envy, greed, cowardice, bitterness, prejudice, lust and small-minded cruelty. But there is also in equal measure all-consuming love, courage, loyalty, kindness, mercy, gentleness and the enduring strength of the human spirit. The well-developed characters, in Mr. Miller’s skillful hands, never trip over the central story drawn in lines which intersect at various points, many of which are only suggested and, therefore, sustain a tale suffused with psychological suspense until the end.

This is a book which is highly readable any time and anywhere, just as its events—both chronological and psychological—could have happened anytime and anywhere. The book’s powerful emotional content makes it one which can just as easily be read at one sitting or savored over time. Either way it is highly enjoyable.