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This is just gross

There are some things about living in Korea that people just might find a little gross like the vomit “landmines” on the sidewalks (and the occasional pigeon feeding off them).

After being here all these years I pretty much take everything in stride from those vomit landmines to having to dodge motorcycles on sidewalks and pedestrian crosswalks. What might have once shocked me or even disgusted me now I kind of just shrug my shoulders and get on with my life wherever it is on any particular day.

On the other hand, there are some things, which still are gross no matter how long I have been here.

The other day I was walking back home after working out at this gym not far from where I live when I passed a group of very well-dressed young female college students sitting outside a convenient store. They could have stepped right out of the pages of a fashion magazine with their long legs, thin bodies, impeccable make-up and stylish clothes.

Then one of the more beautiful-looking ladies leaned over and let a huge gob of spit drop off her red-painted lips onto the ground.

Yeah, some things are gross no matter how beautiful or stylish you are.


  1. Yeah man, that is nasty. One of my pet peaves here, chicks horking, sick! BTW, you got a website for Horisei? I’m putting things together right now.

  2. well, it’s a work in progress but you can check it out here…
    Inked in Asia

  3. I agree with you too bro…so sexy yet unappealing all at the same time. Did she take her top off later though?

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