Jimmy’s tattoo shop is located next door to a 7-11 inside a small shopping arcade off Soi 5. It’s great because when you need something to drink you don’t have to go far. Just one thing, every time the sliding doors open there’s this annoying “doo-doo” chime that sounds. And with the volume of traffic that the 7-11 gets with people coming and going for beverages, smokes, phone cards and other stuff, this incessant chime never stops.

I once asked Jimmy if this sound ever bothers him and he said that he has gotten used to it. Sort of reminds me of a scene from the 1980’s film The Blues Brothers when Elwood brings Jake to his room in a hotel right next to the El tracks in downtown Chicago. After a train passes, rattling and shaking everything inside the room, Jake asks Elwood how often the trains pass. Elwood answers, “so often you won’t even notice.”