After a delightful Thai Airways flight from Incheon to Bangkok, I now have three hours to hang out here at Suvarnabhumi Airport before flying on to Vientiane. 

Just a few more hours and On and I will be together again. She’s coming on the bus from Savannakhet again. It’ll take her around 10 hours to get to Vientiane; most likely arriving just about the time I get in. 

It’s only been a month (and two days) since we last were together but it feels much longer. Time has a way of passing like that in Korea for me these days when I am missing On so much. 

Used my Priority Pass Card to wait in Louis’ Tavern until my flight leaves. If you don’t have one of these Priority Pass Cards you have to get one. The card gets you into this lounge, which is just as good as any business class lounge you might stay in. The lounge (right next to the concourse C1, the one I will be leaving from in a few hours) is very nice with free food (sandwiches, fruit, cakes and bread) and beverages as well as free Internet and Wi-fi if you brought your laptop. You are only allowed to stay here for two hours but it is worth it.

Not too much time to write then if I only have two hours. I will stay here until I am asked to leave and then wander around a bit. 

Gorge myself on enough of the “finger food” that is available here in the meantime. 

And then in a few more hours On and I will be together again in Vientiane. Sounds so exotic to fly off to Vientiane just so you and your girlfriend can be together. I might not have much back in Korea in terms of a good life but at least I can experience some of the exotic and enjoy life as much as I can when I travel and of course when I can be with On.