In the not-so-distant past when it was time to extend your sojourn status in Korea and you had to go to your local immigration office, it sometimes took anywhere from one week to ten days to have this done.

Now, it takes no more than thirty minutes.

At least that was how long it took me this morning to extend my sojourn status and apply for a multiple-reentry permit.

(Oh, for those of you keeping score at home, I decided to stay at Woosong for another year instead of taking a job elsewhere. Despite a lousy vacation schedule, it was just better for me to stay where I am at.)

It probably took me longer to get to and from the immigration office by taxi than it did for the immigration official to extend my sojourn and issue me the multiple-reentry permit. Well, things are a little bit quieter here in Daejeon than they were in Seoul when I had to go out to Mok-dong and have the same thing done.

Anyway, I am good to go for another year.