This shouldn’t even be news, but sadly and not surprisingly, it is.

According to a story in the Digital Chosun Ilbo, two Canadians were caught for teaching here illegally.

“Of the arrested Canadians, one studied only at an adult education center affiliated with a college after finishing high school. While working part-time in a fast food restaurant in Canada, he bought a fake U.S. bachelor’s diploma for US$300 on a U.S. website in August 2003. He came to Korea at the end of that year and started working as an English instructor for a private language institute in Songpa-gu, Seoul. The other graduated from a Canadian junior college and then worked in a factory. He came to Korea on a tourist visa in 2001 and paid US$500 to a Korean broker to buy a fake Canadian bachelor’s diploma in August that year. He worked as an English instructor at a language institute in Anyang, Gyeonggi Province since January 2004.”

What I don’t understand was how these two individuals fell through the cracks because in 2005 every English teacher in Korea had to visit their local immigration office with an original copy of their diploma and contact information for the university they graduated from. Of course, no one really expected immigration officials to personally call every university to confirm if a person attended there or not.