Except it might get you busted when it comes to uploading nude and obscene photos of your wife or girlfriend on an amateur porn website in Korea.

“Police have arrested the operator of a pornographic website with some 10,000 members who shared obscene pictures of their wives or girlfriends. Police also booked 53 members of the website who they say uploaded obscene pictures.

Police said the 39-year old Webmaster opened a website in September 2005 and facilitated the sharing of video clips and pictures depicting nudity and sexual intercourse by 9,887 members. He is accused of collecting W27, 000 (US$1=W938) for a two-month membership from 857 paying members, netting him W85 million. Police said the images included “abnormal” practices such as partner swapping and threesomes.”

Although you probably couldn’t fault the entrepreneur of this amateur porn website for trying to turn a little profit by having people join and post nude photos, you’d think after getting busted once for the same kind of website he would have learned his lesson.

Not so.

The police spokesman said there was no legal basis for punishing unconventional sexual activities, “but if people pay for partner swapping it qualifies as commercial sex,” which is illegal. “Posting nude pictures of girlfriends without their consent is also a crime,” he added.