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Waking up in the Land of the Morning Calm — Coming Soon!

Almost finished.

Editing my manuscript and preparing it for Smashwords (Ebook) followed by Lulu for the paperback edition.

Here’s a little taste of what awaits you in this journey through Korea in the 1990s:

Although I hadn’t noticed it before, as soon as we walked out of the hotel, we were greeted with the cold salt air night smelling of fish and simmering silkworm larvae—called bundaegi, a Korean delicacy. Down a narrow side street, chubby ruddy-faced ajumoni squatting over their wares on the sidewalk flashed us silver-capped toothy smiles as we passed. Further on down, we scurried past wooden carts lit with strung up jury-rigged incandescent bulbs swinging in the howling, swirling wind. Thanks to the movie Ghost, speakers everywhere resounded with the ubiquitous strains of “Unchained Melody” an octave above the market cacophony.

But it wasn’t the carts laden with pig intestines steaming in metal pans, sheets of seaweed, dried squid, and pirated cassette tapes that caught my eye; instead, a scribbled misspelled sign flapping in the wind above a vendor hawking his goods.

“Hey Ken, get a load of that,” I said, pointing to the sign.

Ken laughed. “Precious. I should have brought my camera.”

Instead of “Unchained Melody” the vendor had scribbled, “Unchanged Melody.”

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  1. This sounds like a good read. “Unchanged Melody” sounds good to me. 🙂

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