I was sorry to read this news today:

The United States has suspended plans to send a team to North Korea to search for U.S. war remains because of Pyongyang’s decision to launch a rocket next month marking the centenary of founder Kim Il-sung’s birth, the Pentagon said on Wednesday.

United Nations resolutions bar North Korea from conducting ballistic missile tests, and the United States said Pyongyang’s plan to send a satellite into space aboard a rocket would violate its agreement last month to stop long-range missile launches.

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There are still over 7,900 service members still listed as missing in action from the Korean War and many of these remains are in North Korea: in the area around Unsan and Kunu-ri where the 1st Cavalry Division and Second Infantry Division were hit hard in October and November of 1950 and in the area around the Chosin Reservoir where the 1st and 3rd Marines were hit hard by Communist forces.