Perhaps not, if a bridge that is supposed to be in Korea turns out to be a bridge somewhere else.

Some Korean netizens are up in arms (when aren’t they up in arms about something?) with an episode of the hit US TV show Lost where a “rather poor substitute for Korea’s historic Hangang Grand Bridge” appears briefly in one scene during a flashback of one of the main characters.

“While the show’s creators managed to get the Korean lettering on the bridge right, their version of the structure looked to be in very poor condition and was very much unlike the real bridge in Seoul.

The location where the scene was shot is not known, but many viewers said it appeared to be a Southeast Asian country.

Some Koreans discussing the episode on Internet message boards called the production sloppy and criticized the show makers for their apparent ignorance of Korea.

‘”It was so absurd I couldn’t even laugh,” wrote somebody called “ion***” on the Naver portal. “How could they film a scene like that? What does the U.S. think of Korea?”’

Gee, I guess not too much if the producers of a show take a little artistic liberty with a bridge to save on production costs. For crissakes, it’s just a TV show. It’s not like they intentionally went out of their way to slight Korea’s bridges.

If you ask me, some of these netizens have too much free time on their hands.

It’s probably a good thing there was no Internet when the M*A*S*H was on in the 70’s and 80’s. These same netizens would have had a field day complaining about the show’s depiction of Korea (even though they would probably be right in some instances).