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Well, there goes the neighborhood…

At least a part of it.

For the past two years, many of the old houses in this area of Jayang-dong, just down the street from Woosong College (part of WEF, the Woosong Educational Foundation, which includes, Woosong College, Woosong University, and SolBridge) have been torn down, and in their place, 4-5 story apartments with prison cell-sized apartments have been built.

This is looking out my back window, the only window I can open because to my right is an apartment building. If I open the window, I get a good view into the next apartment.

You can see another apartment going up in the background.

I really liked the view, sitting at my desk and looking out the window, especially in the morning, like this morning when I can see the night easing itself into day, the sky fading in from black to pink and orange.

I’m on the second floor, so I know that once another one of those apartment prison blocks is built I will lose this view.

I liked being able to see the mountains in the distance.

These homes will be next. Time is money in Korea. By next week, I suspect a row of apartment buildings built here.

There they go…

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  1. Korea must be a very crowded place. In some of the places where I lived in the Bronx, I was able to see right into my neighbor’s kitchen and he could see mine. I always made sure either to have the shades down or make sure I was dressed before entering that room 🙂

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