You might recall a few months back some articles in Korea newspapers about the rise of international marriages between Korean men and women from Southeast Asian countries.

Many of the articles talked about these so-called marriage brokers in Korea, which were arranging for these marriages and making a hefty profit at the same time. There were flyers everywhere advertising these marriage brokers.

Well, things got way out of hand with some of these brokers.

“Along with growing interracial marriages here, especially marriages between Korean men in rural areas and women from Southeast Asia, marriage brokers are using placards that infringe on foreign women’s human rights and treat them as products.”

According to the story in the Korea Times, some of these disreputable brokers put up billboards with the promise that for 7-8 million won a Korean man could marry a Vietnamese virgin who would not run away.

Hmm…sounds like human trafficking to me.

“Despite the growth in numbers, maltreatment of foreign women and violation of their human rights in the advertising and matchmaking process is still rampant. According to a survey conducted by the ministry, 13 percent of foreign wives said they received fraudulent information about their husbands from marriage broker.”

I’ve talked to two Filipinos who married Korean men under false pretenses from these marriage brokers and once they were brought to Korea their lives were pretty much a living hell. One woman told me that when her husband brought her to Korea, she discovered that he had two children from a previous marriage and that his brother lived with him. “The first thing he told me to do, as soon as we got to his home was to cook for his kids and brother,” she said. He also promised to send 100,000 won a month to her family in the Philippines, but once she was in Korea, he said he couldn’t do that.

Yeah, what’s love got to do with it?