First it was the allegations in the Korean media that Apolo Anton Ohno made some nasty remarks after his 1,500 meter short track match in which he won the silver that incensed the folks here; now, there’s this story about another incident:

South Korea’s short track head coach threw bottles of water at a Chinese team official as Asian rivalry in women’s short track skating boiled over at the Winter Olympics, it was claimed on Sunday.

The Chinese was filming a South Korea training session from the stands, despite repeated protests from Korean coach, Choi Guang-Bok, who was standing on the ice at the Pacific Coliseum venue, eye witnesses said.

“Stop it,” “Don’t do that,” Choi yelled before hurling a couple of bottles which hit seats below the Chinese cameraman, they added.

That’s pretty intense, not to mention childish. Shades of Roy Jones at the 1988 Olympics, huh? Read the rest of the story here.

What’s ironic is that the other day in the Korea Times there was a story about many people in Korea have become angrier.