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What’s wrong with America?

You know, there are a lot of things that need fixing in America besides health care and one of them would be our education system. The other day, I read an article that over 20,000 teachers could be laid off in the next school year. That is both sad and tragic.

However, what is even more tragic and absurd; hence the title of this blog is the article I read this morning about an NBA star who made more than $87 million dollars in his 15-year NBA career and who is now $5 million dollars in debt.

That is one of the things that is truly wrong with America when athletes make that kind of money and teachers, who are our nation’s future in the lives of the children they will teach, are laid off.

Man, have we got our priorities all mixed up.

Wake up America!


  1. Thanks for sticking up for the teachers. What would be even nicer is if the No Child Left Behind law would go away and let us teach children instead of teaching to a test.

  2. Good point about the athletes . . . but, unfortunately, when was the last time you had whole cities cheering for teachers?

    Just wanted to stop by after your comment on my site. Thanks for visiting. I recall reading your stuff in the Korea Times a while back, and wondered where you had gone.

    • Brian,

      Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. Yeah, you’re right you are not going to have whole cities cheering for teachers.

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