If one ever finds oneself hard-pressed to come up with some catchy or cute signboard for a shop, they might want to avoid the urge of being too “cute” as not to almost cause some international incident like the pet shop owner in Yongin.

“A pet shop in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province has bowed to international pressure over a sign in its window that showed the head of a dog emblazoned on Tiananmen gate. The gate in fact bears the likeness of chairman Mao Zedong. According to China’s Global Times, the shop has now removed the offending composite picture after the Cheoin-gu district office of Yongin City, responding to complaints from Chinese netizens, dispatched staff to the shop.

The owner of the pet shop said, “I got a call from the Korean Embassy in China and the Foreign Ministry, asking me to remove the signboard. And Chinese students in Korea also called nonstop to protest saying that the signboard offends China’s pride.” The owner explained he had no intention of insulting China but simply thought the signboard, which also showed the Great Wall of China, would look cute.”

Hmm…this sort of reminds me of a bar in Shinchon back in the early 90’s called the Third Reich. The owner of that bar might have thought he was being kind of “cute” too. Or how about the PC bang I saw in Seoul a year ago named “Harlem?”

Yeah, maybe he was just trying to be “cute,” but when are some people going to learn about having a little cultural and historical sensitivity?

(Pic and text borrowed from the Digital Chosun Ilbo)