On a clear day, you really can see forever in Korea and that definitely was the case today before and after some freaky thunderstorms which cleared the air and made for a chilly, delightful autumn day in Daejeon. I snapped this photo from the 11th floor of SolBridge.

In the distance, as indicated by the arrow is where I live. I live in the back of the building and now that a building is going up, I have a lovely view of that building. Believe it or not, this entire area, which is the oldest part of Daejeon, was destroyed during the Korean War when the North Koreans pushed US and ROK forces south of the city (then called Taejon) at the end of July 1950.

But I digress. Let’s get back to this glorious autumn day. Today was the kind of day that I would love to bottle up and open at my heart’s content.

Today is the also the anniversary of the Cherry Mine Disaster in 1909 and my Grandmother Miller’s Birthday (1911).